On one of our recent Hello Frances Podcast episodes, guests from Generation Z discussed their age group stereotypes, preferred communication methods, how they differ from previous generations, and more. Although this episode gives insight into their era, we’re taking it a step further today by using their discussion and research to help you effectively market to individuals in Generation Z. 

1. Keep it quick. 

This generation grew up in the digital age, which means they have the shortest attention span. Share your message succinctly when appealing to this generation because if you do not capture their attention instantaneously, chances are they will move on. 

2. Share your why. 

This group cares deeply about the world, political issues, the environment, and so much more. They want to know an organization’s purpose and mission before they do business with them to ensure they are spending with an organization that aligns with their values. Although older generations may want to leave sensitive issues out of the conversation, this era craves meaningful relationships that are built on commonalities. 

3. Build a connection.

Once you share your why, build a connection with the Gen Z audience and continue to foster the relationship. Because their attention span is shorter than others, they tend to move on quickly and don’t share the same sense of brand loyalty that is seen in generations before them. If they do not feel bonded with a company, they will not have a problem discovering new providers elsewhere.  

4. Get social (and we don’t mean on Facebook). 

We’ll cut to the chase – this generation is NOT discovering new products and services on Facebook. If you want to appeal to this demographic, it’s time to make a TikTok account. This up-and-coming social media platform is all the rage with this generation and does not seem to be fading from the limelight any time soon. 

5. Take risks.

Because this generation grew up with all information at their fingertips, it’s uncommon to market to them in novel ways. Chances are they’ve watched a similar video on YouTube, heard about a competitor’s product on a podcast, or have already consumed content similar to yours in some fashion. Because of this, it is imperative to take risks when attempting to appeal to Gen Z. Their attention will not be captured with run-of-the-mill ideas. They value creativity and thinking outside of the box.