On one of our recent Hello Frances Podcast episodes, guests from the Millennial generation discussed their age group stereotypes, preferred communication methods, how they differ from other eras, and more. Although this episode gives insight into their generation, we’re taking it a step further today by using their discussion and research to help you with effective marketing to Millennials. 

1. Ensure transparency is key. 

The path to converting a Millennial to a loyal customer is simply transparency. They are more likely to devote themselves to companies than the younger individuals in Generation Z. If Millennials don’t feel like they receive transparency from an organization, this tech-savvy group will quickly look elsewhere for sincere brands to support. 

2. Make it Insta-worthy. 

Not only do Millennials spend a great deal of time-consuming content on Instagram, but they are also more likely to share visually pleasing content. Think of packaging, product placement, design, and overall aesthetic when creating content that is geared toward this generation. 

3. Appeal to frugality. 

Although Millennials have increasing buying power, this age group still loves a deal! Many in this generation are in debt, so they tend to be intrigued by more frugal offerings. Although they still spend more money than some other generations, they will be more attracted to marketing that focuses on savings. 

4. Create an experience. 

Millennials love to be a part of an interactive experience. When you can get them involved in your product or service, not only are they more likely to engage with your business, but they are more likely to spread the word about your organization as well. According to Hubspot, 42 percent of Millennials surveyed said they are interested in helping companies develop future products and services. They have a desire to be involved with companies rather than just a passive consumer. 

5. Make digital a priority.  

As the generation that shops online the most, be sure to make digital marketing a priority when marketing to Millennials. They grew up in the digital age and with many of them starting families, working full-time jobs, and often searching for the best deals, they prefer to scour the Internet for products and services than to shop in person. To successfully appeal to this group, consider a holistic approach to online marketing; social media marketing, email marketing, and SEO.