We are in awe that we are officially celebrating five years in business! It feels like forever and yesterday at the same time. Below we share a few lessons we learned throughout our tenure to help you with your entrepreneurial journey. 

1. Dream big, but implement bigger. 

We all should dream big, but implementation is the key. We tend to hold ourselves back as human beings, but we need to act to move forward. Know that you do not need everyone on board to bring an idea to life. Have confidence in your intuition and push hard when you implement those initial concepts. For example, do you have a dream to start a business? Decide how you are going to change your industry and take action! 

2. Manage your energy over managing your time. 

There are 24 hours in a day; however, if you do not manage your energy, you feel it in the work that you create. Our energy drives our motivation and has become the most essential aspect. Focus on what you need to do to refuel your energy to be your best self and deliver your best work.

3. Ensure you have trusted advisors along the way. 

We are taking this a step further than just having mentors. You cannot do it all, so leave certain things you do not have the energy or holistic experience on to experts you trust. We know trusting does not come easy, so spend time fostering relationships that you are confident in. Realize you cannot do it all and take advice on the things that do not come second nature to you. This will help you manage your energy and increase your capacity for large-scale implementation. 

4. Learn from everyone. 

Humility is a virtue. Know that lessons come from everywhere and that you should never be the most intelligent person in the room. If you are not in the mindset that you can learn from everyone, you will miss many opportunities. To break through, evolve, and enact change, we must listen to those around us and understand one another’s strengths and challenges. We’ve learned that you should care about the idea, not where it comes from. 

5. Consistency over talent. 

We’re sure you’ve heard us say this before, but consistency over talent all day, every day. Having a good idea is the easy part. The hard part is living and breathing it every day. So if you have a good idea, don’t wait, just do it! Know that it will evolve and grow with you as you develop.

Five years is such a big birthday for us, and we have so much to learn and so much work to do! We look forward to doing that with you by our side!