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Frances RoySeptember 20, 2022

During our podcast episode introducing the Year of the Team, we asked some of our team members to share the best a piece of advice they have received or something they have learned from another team member. At Frances Roy, we believe we have something to learn from everyone we work with, from the COO to the intern. Here are a few pieces of advice, lessons, and inspirations that our team members hold close!

Shantelle P. Dedicke, CMP, President & Chief Creative Officer

I learn from everyone on the Frances Roy team, but I have learned the most from past and present interns (we could record an entire podcast on what we’ve learned from them). Our current intern Alicia has been with us previously, this is her second round, so must be doing something right with our interns!

Hillaree Durso, Senior Director of Content and Marketing

I learn from each person on the team and carry a little tidbit from each of them.

Shantelle- A daily reminder that a great leader has empathy, courage, and builds trust with their team. You push me for the better. 

Janae- Your ability to set boundaries hits home as I try to do more of this myself. A reminder that you can rest and the work still gets done. 

Kelsey- You are strategic and creative. Your way of thinking has resulted in brilliant collaborations and a strong dynamic. It has helped me grow quite a bit. 

Kayla- You are a great example of a team player who takes initiative. This initiative is contagious and I love it. 

Nicole- Your willingness to learn and try new things inspires me. This mindset betters myself and those around you.

Jodie- Your ability to always want to help is so important. A great reminder for myself that asking, “how can I help”?, goes a long way. 

Jacie- You are innovative and organized. A reminder to think outside the box and that organization allows for a more efficient workflow.

Ryan- You dive right into the work no matter the project. A great reminder that we don’t have to have it all figured out, we just need to give it our best shot!

Janae Erickson, Art Director

I agree with Shantelle and say that interns are a big one to learn from, and they will definitely teach you so much about yourself. It was interesting for me when Kayla came on as an intern because I had never managed anyone before, and I knew she had so much potential when she started. I struggled in the beginning to figure out how to ask her to do things that I needed to get her to do without being rude about it, because I needed her to take that extra step in her work but didn’t want to force this skill (which she definitely has lots of skill!). Learning about our team’s enneagrams has been very helpful to learn more about how I process things and how others are processing the same thing differently! 

Kelsey Doar, Marketing Manager

From Hill, I’ve learned how to lead other people as my job has evolved to take on a leadership role lately at FRA. Hill is just a graceful leader and is so tactful and tasteful in everything she does, and she has shown me how to properly lead a team or lead others on a team. 

Shantelle practices what she preaches, and she leads by example. She teaches us how to take a break because she’ll take one when she needs to, so we feel like we can take a break to be with our family or just when we feel we need one. It’s great to know that she also finds rest as an important part of work.

Jodie Warner, Research Coordinator

Mistakes will happen. What matters is that you acknowledge it, fix it, and work towards it not happening again.

Kayla Koger, Design and Content Coordinator

I have learned a lot from Hill and Kelsey about creating content. When I joined Frances Roy Agency, I had no idea I would start to do content calendars, but I have learned to love it. From Janae, it’s been nice to try new things and try new programs, and it’s really hard to teach someone Adobe After Effects and the whole suite so kudos to her for helping me and teaching me the littlest things (even as little as exporting something to not be 8GB).

From Shantelle I’ve learned that experience usually trumps education in the workplace. Experience is crucial.  

Nicole Malley, Events and Content Coordinator

I spend a lot of time with Hill and she always encourages me to try new things. This comes very naturally to me with my personality, but in previous jobs I didn’t feel the support or comfort to grow into that. Hill has both encouraged me to try new things and has passed along positive client feedback when I try new things. The feedback makes me want to continue to try new things and inspires me to stay in that creative mindset!

Ryan Cobb, Operations Coordinator

I’ve learned a lot from everyone at Frances Roy. Shantelle might not remember this, but she said this on my first day, which she probably stole from someone, but she said “Something always seems impossible until it is done.” (Shantelle agrees that she did steal it from someone else.)

Jacie Chandler, Junior Copywriter

As an intern and now a member of the team, I’ve learned quite a bit from Kelsey, Hill, and Shantelle. I learned about my love for copywriting through working with Kelsey and finding projects I enjoy working on. Hill mentored me through my internship and continues to be a role model for me for what a leader should look like, and has given me creative freedom with the projects I work on. Shantelle also has been a role model for me, even before I started interning or working here, and she has really helped me learn more about myself and shown me that boundaries are okay and important to make. I aspire to be as amazing and confident as these three women in the future.

Make sure to follow along with us over the next year as we celebrate the Year of the Team and all the great things to come! Have questions about or for our team? Email [email protected].

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