TV shows are today’s universal way of storytelling. They serve as more than escapism —  they make us laugh, cry, and teach us life lessons. In the workplace, our favorite tv shows can help foster a healthy work environment and increase productivity. Here at Frances Roy, we believe entertainment serves a healthy place in the work space and helps coworkers bond and work collaboratively. Listed below are our workplace TV show recommendations and some ways to implement what you’re watching!


  • Parks and Recreation. In our office, this show is our anthem. This hilarious sitcom documents the life of the Parks & Recreation Department in Pawnee, Indiana. Through the plethora of interesting characters, one is sure to find a character they relate to. In our office, we have found ourselves in a few of the characters (including libertarian Ron Swanson, overachiever Leslie Knope, sweet Ann Perkins, and dark April Ludgate). Relating to these comical figures has helped foster group bonding and has given examples of how to work efficiently with a wide variety of personalities. Most of all, it has taught us how to laugh at ourselves and to not take life too seriously.


  • The Office. This smash hit is probably one of the most relatable TV shows for the workplace. This show follows delusional boss Michael Scott as he navigates his Dunder Mifflin Paper Co. branch while dealing with an abundance of difficult personalities. This show can serve as a stress reliever, inspiration for workplace collaboration, or even teach us to see the bright side to mundane life.  



  • Silicon Valley. This show combines comedy, tech startups, and interesting interpersonal relations — what more could you ask for? Featuring hilarious comedians, this show displays the life of startups in Silicon Valley. It is perfect for anyone working in tech or beginning their very own startup, as it is sure to provide some comic relief to an often grueling  process.
  • Mad Men. An interesting look into business practices of the 1960s. Taking place on Madison Avenue in New York, this advertising  firm is full of business demands, personal dilemmas, and the ever-changing social and moral moods of the 1960s. This show is an interesting observation into how far the industry has come, which we’re eternally grateful for.


Your favorite TV shows can help you understand co-workers and build emotional intelligence. They allow examples on how to navigate the often complex world we call the workplace. So pop some popcorn, settle into your bed or couch, and get ready to remind Netflix that you’re still watching as you indulge in these Frances Roy approved shows!