Did you know more EINs were filed with the IRS in 2020 than any other year previous? Despite these times of uncertainty, people are leaping to start their own business now more than ever before. In years past, our 24 Hours of Creativity for Change event helped local nonprofits, but this year we broadened our scope to help three small businesses build on their passion. Over 24 hours, our team dedicated their time, talent, and brainpower to give back in a meaningful way.

Learn more about these three small businesses and the projects we completed through our 24 Hours of Creativity for Change. 

Fernweh Coffee Roastery 

Our team was introduced to the wonderful owners at Fernweh Coffee Roastery through one of our current clients. New to Fort Walton Beach, the roastery had a wishlist that included a new logo, color scheme, and typography. The FRA team also provided some digital support by conducting a social media audit and sharing suggestions for the roastery to implement across their online platforms. Follow Fernweh on Instagram to learn where to find their coffee! 

Sweet Tooth Bakes and Treats 

Sweet Tooth Bakes and Treats is a brand new bakery right here in Niceville! Specializing in custom cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and other delicious treats, Sweet Tooth is a delicious addition to our community. Over 24 hours, we refreshed the bakery’s branding complete with a new logo and social graphics to strengthen their brand identity and digital presence. Also, we helped them develop a brand narrative and tone of voice so they can better connect with their target customers. We concluded with social media recommendations to enhance their reach and engagement across all platforms. To support Sweet Tooth, follow them on Facebook and Instagram or try some of their tasty creations!    

City and Clay 

This business may sound familiar to you if you are a regular listener of our Hello Frances Podcast. We recently recorded an episode with City and Clay owner Erin Sharkey to discuss how she launched her handmade clay jewelry business with only $100. Erin wanted to fill her free time in 2020 with something productive, so she left her comfort zone and launched her new business. We were thrilled to support City and Clay through this event by helping them with copywriting, design, social media consulting, and more. To support Erin’s business, follow City and Clay on Facebook and Instagram or purchase from her Etsy shop