Meet the Guest 

This week’s guest on the Hello Frances Podcast is Erin Sharkey, owner of City and Clay. Erin and Shantelle “met” on Instagram after Erin reached out to us about our Enneagram & The Workplace series. From there, Shantelle and Erin connected over the journey of starting and owning their own businesses and how Erin started City and Clay with just $100. 

Cliff Notes 

Erin started her polymer clay earring entrepreneurial journey with only $100. What started as a way to spend her free time during the pandemic has turned into a successful business. Although Erin’s intention was not to start a handmade jewelry company, she’s found success along the way by following her instincts and observing what was needed in the marketplace. 

More in this Episode 

Erin shares the story behind her brand and how she names her products. She explains the importance of not only being good at your craft, but also knowing how to communicate your value to your target audience. View Erin’s creations, including her name Greek collection here. If you have questions for Erin, email us at [email protected] and we will connect you!