Cliff Notes 

Shantelle is on the microphone this week to share some of the main takeaways she has learned in the past few years of business. This week Frances Roy celebrates its fourth year as an agency, and to commemorate, Shantelle is sharing four things she has learned along the way. Here are two: Seek inspiration, but don’t copy it and accept that you are going to fail. Listen to the full episode for the other two takeaways Shantelle has learned from owning a business.

More in this Episode 

In addition to her four takeaways, Shantelle shares what she has purposefully left off of the list. You can also hear a sneak peek of what’s coming to the Hello Frances Podcast next week in the full episode. If you want to celebrate our birthday with us on July 1, please join us for our Virtual Vision Board Event. As always, thank you for listening and for supporting us these last four years. We can’t thank you enough!