Baby Boomers

Frances RoyJune 14, 2021

Episode Summary

Meet the Guests  

We conclude our generation podcast series with baby boomers as our guests. Those that are between 55-73 years of age fall into this category and are stereotypically known for being workaholics, slow to adapt to technological advances, and resistant to change. Our guests Lori Leath Smith, publisher and editor of Life Media, local realtor Gail Pelto, retired and former CEO of the Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation Marcia Hull, and Area Director of N2 Publishing Phil Madden discuss these stereotypes and more in this week’s episode. 

Cliff Notes 

Our guests each share one word to describe their generation and expand upon their age group’s characteristics that made them choose that word. They discuss the best ways to market to their generation and prove that many traditional communication outlets are still desired by certain demographics. Our guests explain how they use social media in both businesses and socially and share the role these platforms play in their lives. 

More in this Episode 

As we close out our generation series, our guests also share similarities they’ve seen among their era as well as younger generations. We’re seeing a pattern emerge among all generations that we all may have more in common than we tend to think. Listen to our Baby Boomer podcast and all of our other episodes in the series today wherever you get your podcasts! 



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