We’ve shared with you an overview of the Enneagram and broke down the personality traits of each of the 9 numbers, but why should you use this as a tool in your workplace? We’ve found that discovering our Enneagram numbers and the numbers of those around us brings many benefits to us as individuals and collectively as a team. Here’s how the Enneagram can help you! 

Learn more about yourself. 

As our recent podcast guest Jenn Whitmer stated, the Enneagram takes learning about your personality traits to the next level. Whereas other tests give great insight into how and what we do, the Enneagram gives us foundational information about why we have certain preferences, personality features, and more. Through this assessment, we learn our motivations, leadership styles, communication preferences, and more all leading to increased self-awareness.  

Learn more about those around you. 

Not only will you be more self-aware, but learning the Enneagram numbers of those around you helps you be more cognizant of the preferences of those around you. This deeper understanding of your colleagues help you be more sensitive to others’ communication inclinations, annoyances, desires, and more. If you’ve ever sent your colleague a lengthy email and they responded with only a few words (or no response at all) and you immediately wondered if something was wrong, we encourage you to learn their Enneagram number. Chances are they just prefer a different type of communication. This is only one small example of how learning more about the numbers of those around you can enhance workplace relationships and improve internal communication.  

Promotes team collaboration. 

Once our team understood their Enneagram numbers and the numbers of their colleagues, everything made more sense! You learn that some people are great with strategy and big ideas, while others thrive in the details. Knowing where strengths and weaknesses, motivators, and stressors lie on a team helps everyone work together more cohesively. The practice of learning each other’s Enneagram numbers allows for strong communication and understanding amongst our team.

Have you taken the assessment yet? Let us know what your Enneagram number is! If you’d like to optimize what the Enneagram can do for your team, download our FREE “Enneagrams in the Workplace” booklet as a resource for successful communication, conflict resolution, employee management, and more. 

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