Enneagram Talk with Jenn Whitmer

Frances RoyApril 12, 2021

Episode Summary

Meet the Guest 

Leadership speaker and Enneagram coach Jenn Whitmer joins us on the Hello Frances Podcast this week! While working in a toxic environment, Jenn discovered the Enneagram and has changed the way she now deals with conflict resolution. She uses this tool to discover what issues, fears, and resolutions are needed for particular situations and applies the skills she has acquired to help individuals and teams become more self-aware to successfully tackle all obstacles.   

Cliff Notes 

Jenn and Shantelle discuss their prior use of personality tests and explain why the Enneagram proves to be the most effective in both of their work environments as not only a self-development tool, but also to improve employee engagement, communication skills, completing tasks, and more. They explain that the Enneagram helps us to realize that others think differently and that most often is beneficial for the entire team. 

More in this Episode 

What happens when personalities on your team don’t quite mesh? Jenn discusses the pros and cons of deconstruction and disruption and explains that sometimes that is just what our teams need! Want to keep in touch with Jenn Whitmer? Follow her on Instagram or visit her website at jennwhitmer.com/freebies


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