Branding vs. Marketing

Frances RoyDecember 2, 2019

Episode Summary

Meet the Guest 

This week, Shantelle is solo on the mic! Frances Roy President and Chief Creative Officer and host of the Hello Frances podcast Shantelle Dedicke explains in depth the difference between branding and marketing and why businesses, big or small, need to focus on both.

Cliff Notes 

Do you know the difference between branding and marketing? Branding is the deliberate differentiation of a company that is done through research, strategy, tone of voice and so much more. Once a brand is established, the brands’ assets are then used within the marketing. As Shantelle says in this episode, “branding is the why and marketing is the how”. Entrepreneurs, before you even think about marketing, branding should be your first step! We highly suggest you use a creative, strategic thinking outside source to develop your branding strategy. After your brand is established, decide which marketing touchpoints make the most sense for your brand and your customers (Shantelle shares a lengthy list of touchpoints in the episode), and begin sharing your products and services with your audience!

More in This Episode 

Shantelle shares the one book you should read if you want more clarity on branding vs. marketing. We use this book as a guide within the Frances Roy Agency, and we are confident it will help you take your business to the next level. If you enjoy this podcast episode, please leave us a rating and review. We love hearing from you! Tune in next week for another new episode of the Hello Frances podcast.


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