Meet the Guest

Gail Pelto joins Shantelle on the microphone on this week’s episode of the Hello Frances Podcast to discuss the importance of building a network. Gail is a local realtor and a partner with our area’s Master Networks group. She has used her background in the hospitality industry to make her the successful, competitive realtor she is today. 

Cliff Notes 

Shantelle and Gail discuss what makes individuals stand out in the workplace, what Gail wishes she would have known in the beginning of her career, how she feeds herself creatively, and so much more. Gail’s career has taught her how to anticipate others’ needs and the importance of building relationships with people based on common interests. She lives by the belief that if she helps those around her achieve their goals, her goals will be reached naturally. 

More in this Episode 

As a leader of a local networking group, Gail shares advice for networking productively. She uses this simple “BOND” formula: build on a common interest, occupation exploration, needs discovery, and develop an opportunity. Listen to the full episode on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, or Soundcloud for more insight from Gail.