Meet our Guest 

Husband, father, entrepreneur, and owner at Rock Out Climbing Gym Ken Sheyka joins us to discuss how he organically built a climbing community in Destin. When deciding what type of business he wanted to begin, he not only looked for holes in the market but also ensured he was fueling a passion. Though opening a bouldering gym was not the original plan, Ken’s dedication and persistence have made Rock Out Climbing Gym a great success in our community!

Cliff Notes 

Are you a budding entrepreneur? This episode is for you! Learn from two successful entrepreneurs as they discuss the process of starting a company, their first 90 days in business, and what they’ve learned along the way. In addition, Ken shares why building a community was his top priority and how he did it in an uncontested market. One of our favorite quotes from Ken in this episode — “Do everything you can to make sure the successes outnumber the failures.”

More in This Episode 

Ken closes out the episode sharing the one thing he wants everyone to know about bouldering. Listen to the full episode to find out what it is! As always, you can find the Hello Frances podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and Soundcloud. If you enjoy this episode, we’d love it if you’d leave us a rating and review.