Change One Thing with Tracy Louthain

Frances RoyNovember 9, 2020

Episode Summary

Meet the Guest 

Tracy Louthain, Director of Marketing and Communications for Newman-Dailey Resort Properties, joins us on the Hello Frances Podcast this week. She and Shantelle record the episode on the balcony of a 10th-floor property in Jade East Towers in Destin to discuss the power in a change of scenery.

Cliff Notes 

As someone who works in very close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, Tracy shares the many benefits of being at the beach. Because many of us work from home, she shares why she highly encourages listeners to change their scenery and work from the beach. Whether it’s a change in scenery, routine, or outlook, changing one thing can alter our days for the better!

More in this Episode 

Tracy shares how she has personally stayed creative throughout COVID-19 and encourages listeners to change up their routine to do the same. If you’d like your change of scenery to be the beach, visit to view what Newman-Dailey Resort Properties has to offer. Tracy ends the conversation with a great piece of advice, so we encourage you to listen to the full episode on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Soundcloud, or Spotify.


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