Frances Roy Agency Business & Events Manager Annalise Dedicke was inspired by the world of marketing from an early age. She says, “My favorite part was being able to go to conventions with my mom and learn what it truly meant to be a marketer.”

She knew that her skill sets and talents would be an asset to the Frances Roy team, saying, “Since I had learned about marketing at such a young age, I was drawn to help carry on the family business and learn everything I needed in order to do so.”

As Business & Events Manager, Annalise is tasked to work with our variety of clients in planning activations that stand out from the rest, whether that includes a memorable tablescape at a convention or expo or a creative collaboration event for young pros.

Annalise continues, “When working with clients on events, it can be hard to gain inspiration, especially when two ideas collide. I gain inspiration by sitting down with the client and by listening to their ideas. From there, I start researching new ideas and different ways to make the client’s ideas unique.” Her favorite platform for research? Pinterest, of course!

As Business & Events Manager, Annalise has been able to start her own Apothecary business, putting the skill sets she’s learned to the test.

She says, “For those who are interested in event planning or business management, I would advise to pay attention to time management, patience, and active listening. When it comes to event planning or business management, the little details are the most important aspect of success. Be prepared for last minute changes and take them with grace. If you have managed your time correctly, you won’t be stressed or overwhelmed with last minute changes. I write down every idea, being used or not, so that I can have all the details in case the client wishes to continue with a specific idea.”

Of course, Annalise has plenty to love when it comes to being part of the FRA team, but her favorite parts are “the opportunities, experiences and lessons [the team] teaches me. I have the opportunity to make a larger network, travel, and have amazing mentors. Being part of the FRA Team means that you are constantly learning about yourself and those around you in order to collaborate well.”

We love the creativity and determination you bring to the team, Annalise!