Jodie joined us from the world of insurance and has quickly become a huge asset to the Frances Roy Team! Before accepting a position with FRA, she was working as a personal lines account manager for an insurance agency. She is still a licensed 2-20 agent specializing in personal lines insurance.

She said, “I found my way to Frances Roy through Shantelle. When she first opened FRA, I was just astounded by all she was doing, how she was doing it, and all the impact it was making. I’ve seen her work before, but seeing how she built this amazing agency from the ground up made me realize that I wanted to better myself and expand my knowledge into other career paths.”

On her favorite aspects of getting in the weeds with research, Jodie said, “I love getting to know and understand clients through research. When researching, I always start from the beginning and move forward. I get to go back to where they first started and see what it was like when they opened their doors, began a new project and expanded. It’s so rewarding to see how a company has grown, bettered themselves and helped others in the process!”

“Grand Fitness has been my favorite project to work on. When I first started on their project, I was at a loss on what type of content they would want, need, or what to include! It made me go into high gear researching what content would be best for their business on a subject I did not know much about. It pushed me to learn many things about health, benefits of excercise, healthy eating and much more. Their project has helped me broaden my knowledge in many different ways and understand that not everything comes naturally or easily, but the harder you work for something, the more rewarding it is.” If you haven’t taken time to explore the new website for Grand Fitness, we encourage you take a breather and check it out!

“My favorite aspect of my job is digging deep and not stopping until I’ve found what I’m looking for. I love learning about how things work, how something came about or what happened to make something occur. I enjoy researching and putting content together for clients and learning more about them in the process. The FRA team makes this agency one of a kind. They are a family with family values and beliefs. You don’t see that much anymore, but I can 100 percent say I am beyond blessed to be part of Frances Roy Agency!” said Jodie.

Thanks so much for sharing your story with us, Jodie!