Create More Time with Terri Fedonczak

Frances RoyApril 5, 2021

Episode Summary

Meet the Guest 

Life coach, author, business owner, and entrepreneur Terri Fedonczak joins Shantelle on the Hello Frances Podcast this week to share her background, her experience with imposter syndrome, and how she has completely transformed her productivity by taking time for herself. 

Cliff Notes 

As a life coach, Terri has extensive experience in working with others to overcome imposter syndrome. She suggests that we all find a solid support system to help us feel creative and empowered when doubt slips into our minds. In addition, she encourages entrepreneurs to trust their gut instincts and step into their power to help them build confidence as an individual and business owner. 

More in this Episode 

Shantelle shares that she has struggled with self-care in the past, and Terri gives her (and you!) tangible tips to carve out time for self-care, which will, in turn, give us all more productive, focused, meaningful time to successfully complete our to-do list tasks. To learn more about Terri Fedonczak or her organizations 850 Elite Volleyball Academy and the Girl Power for Good Foundation, follow the respective pages on Facebook! If you have questions for Terri, email us at [email protected] and we will be sure to pass them along.


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