Creative Couples are the New Power Couple with Reggie and Danica Phillips

Frances RoyApril 26, 2021

Episode Summary

Meet the Guests 

Reggie and Danica Phillips join Shantelle on the Hello Frances Podcast to discuss how they each take time to foster their creativity. Danica is a military veteran, a marketing professional, and an entrepreneur that runs her blog Danica Explains It All. Her husband Reggie is an active duty military member and an artist with a passion for graffiti, comics, and anime. 

Cliff Notes 

Our guests share their background and how they started in their respective creative fields. They discuss tangible tips on how they empower each other to take time to flex their creative muscle and take advantage of periods of peak creativity. Because they both understand the importance of capitalizing on phases when creativity is heightened, they have learned to support each other during these times, making room for their partner to shine.   

More in this Episode 

Danica and Reggie share how they are preparing for their next phase of life and focusing on using their creativity to propel them into the next chapter. Listen to their full conversation on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Soundcloud, or Google Play. If you enjoyed the episode, leave us a review and give Reggie and Danica Phillips a follow on Instagram. If you have questions for either of our guests, email us at [email protected]. Chat with you again next week!


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