Danielle Torley - Destin Local, TED Talk Speaker & Fire Dancer

Frances RoyNovember 16, 2020

Episode Summary

Meet the Guest 

This week’s guest Danielle Torley is a Destin local, a TED speaker, and a fire dancer. Not a combination you hear of often, right? A close family member of Danielle’s died in a house fire when she was young. She didn’t realize how much this event affected her entire life until she was an adult. On the podcast, she shared a glimpse of her TED Talk and discussed how she was able to overcome her grief. 

Cliff Notes 

When she heard of the opportunity to give a TED Talk through the Project Management Institute, Danielle considered sharing her story of how she overcame the trauma that has followed her the majority of her life. After her proposal was accepted, she had a limited time to prepare a draft of her speech. She caught a flight to one of her favorite cities where she spent the next few days in a hotel room without music, TV, or any other distractions and tapped into her creativity to focus on writing her story. 

More in this Episode 

Danielle gives behind-the-scenes details of what the TED experience was like and the method of refining her Talk throughout the process. Listen to Danielle’s full TED Talk to hear how the thing she feared the most her entire life became the thing that set her free! To show her some support, follow Danielle’s fire dancing accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Do you have questions for Danielle? Email them to us at [email protected].


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