When building out a marketing plan, we suggest using multiple channels to communicate with your audience. While one platform may be more effective than another, it’s imperative that your business uses multiple means of communication. Here are a few reasons why it’s beneficial to diversify your marketing strategy.

You create multiple points of connection. 

According to Salesforce, it takes 6 to 8 touches to create a viable sales lead. This means your potential audience needs to hear from you (or a trusted source) multiple times before they will purchase your product or services! In addition, your customers are likely using multiple forms of communication. Your business should have a presence on the outlets your customers are using to consume information. It is imperative to meet customers where they are because the vast majority are not going to go out of their way to connect with your organization.

You have more data. 

The more ways you communicate with your audience, the more you’ll learn about your audiences’ communication preferences. Ample data can also help you create future marketing plans that utilize your resources on channels that deliver the best results for your brand.

You don’t want to depend on one channel.  

Unfortunately, we’ve seen this far too often lately. If your entire strategy is revolved around Instagram marketing, and Instagram goes down for the day, then what? You are missing out on communicating with your audience. While social media is a great tool, we highly suggest your organization has its own website and email list to ensure you are able to communicate with your customers without depending on third party outlets.

You can tap into a new audience.  

Simply put, using multiple means of communication can gain you new customers! For example, TV commercials are probably not the best way to communicate with a younger audience, but having a presence on TikTok may allow you to reach customers you aren’t reaching anywhere else.

You can experiment. 

Sharing across multiple mediums helps you to stay ahead of your competition! Testing out a new (or new-to-you) platform is a great way to discover a new audience or communicate in a different way with your current followers. Experimenting allows you to stay ahead of industry trends and implement unique tactics that will help you stand out.

You can boost your SEO. 

If you read our blog post on optimizing your website, you know that the best way to boost your SEO is to create content. Consistently creating and sharing content across multiple channels will help your organization show up higher and more often in Internet searches relevant to your brand.