Cliff Notes 

In this episode, we share what diversity and inclusion mean to us at the Frances Roy Agency, and how we put it into practice. Simply put, we strive for thought diversity. This is the idea that we seek others who think differently than we do. We strongly believe that intentionally and deliberately seeking people that think differently than you will likely lead to a group of people with different backgrounds, race, ethnicity, gender and more. This type of diversity and inclusion is organic and has led us to amazing results!

More in This Episode 

Shantelle shares the three benefits your organization will receive from implementing thought diversity. We encourage you to look beyond appearance and surround yourself with those who think, problem-solve and analyze differently than you. As always, thanks for listening to the Hello Frances podcast. We hope you enjoyed it! If you did, let us know by leaving us a comment on social media, rating and reviewing the podcast, or emailing us at [email protected].