Cliff Notes

As promised, Shantelle is continuing our conversation from last week to expand upon two points she made in our “4 Lessons in 4 Years” podcast –  seek inspiration, don’t copy, and prepare for an evolution. She explains why scrolling on Instagram and scouring Pinterest is not actually helping your creative process. She encourages listeners to seek a creative outlet somewhere offline. Whether it’s going to a museum, reading a book, traveling, or trying new food, she suggests you put your phone down and go out into the world to increase your creativity levels.

More in this Episode

Shantelle shares that she is currently going through a moment of intense creative enlightenment. She is prioritizing her individual creativity without seeking validation or approval from those around her. If you are not prioritizing what is important for you now, will you ever? Now is the time to start! How are you creatively right now? Let us know by commenting on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn or by emailing us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!