Enneagram Type 1

Frances Roy AgencySeptember 7, 2020

Episode Summary

FRA Brand Designer Rinn Garlanger joins Shantelle to kick off our Enneagrams & The Workplace series as she talks about her Enneagram type one. Type ones, known as idealists, are organized, critical, and rational. This personality type is passionate about fighting for issues of social justice and helping those less fortunate.

Cliff Notes
Rinn shares how her personality traits affect her in the workplace. Although she has many sought after characteristics such as attention to detail, immense self-discipline, and a strong sense of right and wrong, she also works hard to overcome being overly critical of herself and unnecessary worrying. She shares how she uses her personality traits to her advantage and gives advice on how to best work with type ones.

More in this Episode
Because type ones are highly critical of themselves, Shantelle and Rinn break down the best way to approach this personality type with constructive criticism. Rinn ends with the one thing she wishes everyone knew about this personality type. Do you work with any Enneagram type ones? This episode will give you insight on how to best communicate with them in the workplace. Listen to it, and let us know what you think! 


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