FRA research coordinator Jodie joins us on the podcast this week to discuss Enneagram type two. This enneagram type is referred to as the caregiver and is known for being self-sacrificing, sincere, empathic, and warm-hearted.

Cliff Notes
The characteristics of an Enneagram two all seem great. Right? They are until these caring team members give of themselves day-in and day-out without taking care of themselves. Shantelle and Jodie discuss how managers of type twos can ensure that these selfless team members are taken care of and prioritizing their own needs in addition to the needs of those around them.

More in this Episode
Type twos tend to be willing to help wherever they are needed even if their skills don’t particularly align. They are excellent at anticipating problems and finding appropriate solutions. Shantelle and Jodie share how this type best communicates in the workplace, resolves conflict, absorbs feedback, and more. Are you an Enneagram two? Let us know in the comments or on our social media sites, and tune in next week as we dive into Enneagram type three!