To continue our series of Enneagrams & the workplace, Frances Roy Art Assistant Kayla Koger joins Shantelle in this episode of the Hello Frances podcast to discuss her Enneagram type – Type 3. Known as “the performer,” type 3s are ambitious, driven, and energetic. This personality type has a natural charisma, hates failures, and tends to focus too heavily on image. 

Cliff Notes 

Kayla shares how she sees the strengths and weaknesses of a type 3 in her own personality type. She and Shantelle discuss the preferences of this type in the workplace, including how they like to communicate with others via email, how they work in a group setting, and how they overcome obstacles. 

More in this Episode 

Shantelle shares the advantages we have seen at Frances Roy from having an Enneagram type 3 on our team including decisiveness and the ability to push team members toward our goals. Do you know any Enneagram type 3s? Share this episode with them! Stay tuned for an overview of all of the Enneagram personality types on upcoming episodes of the Hello Frances podcast.