Meet the Guest 

Jason Lindblad, local artist and owner of J. Leon Gallery and Studio, joins us on the Hello Frances Podcast to discuss his Enneagram type four. This type is known as the creative and is generally self-aware, sensitive, and reserved. As an artist himself, Jason shares how he deeply identifies with the imaginative, introspective, deep-thinking characteristics of an Enneagram type four. 

Cliff Notes 

As the most creative type, Jason shares advice that he would share with both Enneagram type fours and other Enneagram types that are seeking creative outlets. He shares how his personality traits affect his work as well, requiring him to create art that functions as a message, not just something nice to look at. He uses his art as a way to express what he’s feeling and to communicate with others. 

More in this Episode 

We all need a creative outlet, especially during these uncertain times. Jason suggests a few of his favorite places to find creative opportunities including and hands-on art events at his own studio at J. Leon Gallery. To learn more about Jason, his art, and his new business, visit the gallery’s Facebook or Instagram page. If you are enjoying this Enneagram series, please share it with a friend! We’ll chat with you again next week.