FRA’s own Gregory Dedicke joins Shantelle on the microphone this week to discuss the Enneagram type five. This type is known as the thinker and is alert, insightful, curious, independent, and inventive.

Cliff Notes
Shantelle and Gregory discuss how Enneagram type fives act at their best and their worst. Type fives often don’t feel as if they are doing enough. Greg explains how he has experienced this and has had many different career paths in recent years to find one that is fulfilling. They share how a type five usually shows up in the workplace, including conflict resolution methods, communication preferences, and more.

More in this Episode
The conversation also dives deep into characteristics, fears, desires, key motivators, and stressors of a type five. Both Gregory and Shantelle know very few (if any) people with the same personality type as Gregory. Are you a type five? Let us know! Tune in next week as we discuss Enneagram type six with our Content Director Hillaree Durso.