Our Frances Roy Marketing Manager Kelsey Doar joins Shantelle on the microphone this week to discuss Enneagram type seven. This type is known as the adventurer and is generally optimistic, versatile, spontaneous, and enthusiastic. 

Cliff Notes 

Kelsey and Shantelle discuss the characteristics of Enneagram type sevens including their basic fears and desires, key motivations, strengths, weaknesses, and more. In the workplace, type sevens enjoy exploring new ideas, exciting new projects, and freedom with their routines. Shantelle shares how she uses Kelsey’s personality strengths with the tasks she is responsible for on our team. 

More in this Episode 

Kelsey shares how she has realized since discovering her Enneagram number and traits that her communication preferences may not be ideal for others. What have you learned about yourself since discovering your Enneagram number? Let us know in the comments or on our social media sites. If you are enjoying our Enneagrams & The Workplace series, head to our website to download our free guide to help you utilize these resources in your own place of business.