Enneagram Type 8

Frances RoyOctober 26, 2020

Episode Summary

Meet the Guest

Shantelle’s brother Roy joins her on the Hello Frances Podcast this week to continue our Enneagrams & The Workplace series discussing the Enneagram type eight. As a type eight herself, Shantelle dives into the characteristics she and Roy both possess. This Enneagram type is known as the protector and is typically decisive, resourceful, self-confident, strong and assertive.   

Cliff Notes 

Although their core types are the same, Shantelle and Roy have different wings. They discuss their similarities and differences and how those characteristics affect their brother/sister relationship. They examine a type eight’s basic fears, desires, and motivations and discuss which relate to them and which do not. As a type that is sometimes viewed negatively, Shantelle and Roy share the pros and cons of their personality type. 

More in this Episode 

The episode dives into how type eights act in the workplace including how they resolve conflict, communicate, work with others, and more. Shantelle and Roy also toss around the idea of starting their own podcast too. Listen to hear what the podcast topic will be and let us know if you think they should do it! 


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