Meet the Guests 

All of the FRA team members are together again on the Hello Frances podcast! Greg, Janae, Hillaree, Kelsey, Jodie, Gregory, Kayla, and Meredith join Shantelle on the microphone this week to dive deeper into our discussions about enneagram types. After our first enneagram episode was so well-received, we decided to cover more, so this week we are discussing our enneagram wings.

Cliff Notes 

All enneagram results provide an enneagram number along with a wing number. The wing is the number on either side of your type that you resonate with most. For example, an enneagram type two will either have one wing or a three wing. Our team members share their wing numbers and examine the strengths, weaknesses, and motivators of each.

More in This Episode 

Listen to the full episode for more insight on enneagram types and candid conversations among our team members. We share the qualities we look for in new hires, some of our favorite resources (HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Managing Yourself), the importance of self-validation, and more. If you enjoy the Hello Frances podcast, please leave us a rating and review! We’ll chat with you again next week.