Cliff Notes 

Frances Roy Agency Art Director Janae Erickson guest hosts the Hello Frances Podcast this week, where she shares how she draws inspiration as a designer. With more than 40 clients, Janae makes a conscious effort to search for creativity for every project. Listen to the full episode to learn where she finds inspiration. We think you’ll be surprised by a few of them including, Anna & Elsa’s fashion designer (if you know, you know)! 

More in this Episode 

Janae shares that she seeks ideas from different sources depending on the project and the client’s needs. She says she completes her best work when she puts her ideas down on paper, even if she knows they won’t be anywhere near her final result. She encourages listeners that art is not about getting it perfect, but being brave enough to show your ideas so that they can evolve into a fantastic end result. Janae wants to know where YOU draw your inspiration. Email her at [email protected] to share or to let her know what you thought of the episode!