Generation Z

Frances RoyMay 24, 2021

Episode Summary

Meet the Guests 

Our Generation Z podcast guests kick off our newest Hello Frances Podcast series where we discuss generational differences. This generation includes individuals born in the mid-to-late 1990s through the early 2010s. Our Generation Z discussion features our Frances Roy Agency event coordinator Annalise Dedicke, art assistant Kayla Koger, Website Developer Greg Dedicke, and former FRA interns Meredith Freeman and Alicia Perez

Cliff Notes 

As the newest members of the workforce, our guests this week share what they look for in jobs and how those feelings toward career goals have stemmed from watching their parents choose very different paths. They tackle generational stereotypes, words they would use to describe their age group, what their era is known for, and how they differ from previous generations. 

More in this Episode 

When it comes to appealing to this generation, we want to know how to best market to this up-and-coming group of consumers. Our guests share how they discover new products and services, their favorite social media apps and how they use them, and technological advancements that have affected their lives most so far. Listen to the full episode now, and stay tuned for our episode with millennials next week!


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