Have you heard about Google My Business Marketing Kit? It’s a free tool designed for small businesses to make the most of their business profile on Google. We rarely see small businesses take advantage of the complimentary marketing suite, so we are here to share how you can optimize one of the most underutilized free platforms in the marketing industry. We utilize the marketing kit for an array of clients, and we’re happy to share the secret with you. 

Here’s how to make the most of your Google My Business Marketing Kit: 

Verify Your Business on Google. 

First, things first. The marketing suite is only available to businesses that have a verified business on Google. If you haven’t done this yet, learn how to complete the short process here. More than just using the marketing kit, a verified business profile helps your business show up on Google searches and allows you to control the information that is shown on Google regarding your company. To learn more about how Google My Business can help you engage with your target audience, read this blog we wrote discussing the benefits. 

Explore the Marketing Kit. 

Once your business is verified, head to marketingkit.withgoogle.com and enter your business’ name. Peruse that platform to see all it has to assist your business. You can select from many size options including posters, stickers, social media graphics, and more. In addition to the type of collateral, you can also choose from an array of designs that best align with your business. The call to actions on the marketing pieces range from encouraging your customers to leave reviews to purchasing gifts cards and more.  

Share Your Assets.  

Now that you’ve learned all the marketing kit provides your business, share the resources far and wide. Whether you post the graphics on social media, print and post signs for your brick and mortar business, or update your audience pertinent information about your business, the marketing kit provides an array of resources that your business can utilize to spread your message. 

Once you have the chance to dive into your organization’s Google My Business Marketing Kit, let us know how you like it! If you’d like additional help with optimizing your Google My Business profile, contact us at [email protected]. Photo: Google My Business Marketing Kit