Having a LinkedIn Account Matters - Here is Why

Frances RoyApril 19, 2022

Professionals and college students are encouraged to have a LinkedIn account, but why is it important? Let’s dive into three main reasons why a LinkedIn account will help your career!

Build Connections

LinkedIn is an excellent place for networking with other professionals. Your LinkedIn connections can be people from all aspects of your life, whether you went to school together, met at a networking event, or worked for the same company. These connections are a great way to stay in touch with your colleagues without keeping track of dozens of business cards, emailing back and forth, and playing phone tag. Building a solid network of connections is a benefit when searching for advice, a new position, or a change in your career.

Create Your Brand

Because LinkedIn is the first place many people look when hiring or recruiting talent, it is essential to have a robust profile that accurately portrays who you are. LinkedIn profiles are an extension of your brand where you can share examples of your work, highlight your digital portfolio, and showcase your resume. By developing a personal brand, you increase your visibility as an individual and raise awareness of your company’s profile.

Demonstrate Your Expertise

By writing and sharing articles on LinkedIn, you establish yourself as a knowledgeable professional in your industry. Your expertise can be demonstrated through recommendations and endorsements from your connections, as this shows that you have other experts backing up the skills you claim to have. In addition, connecting with professionals in your industry demonstrates your professionalism. 

LinkedIn is a great platform. We want to know, are you ready to start your professional profile? 


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