How to Boost Your Business' Online Reviews

Frances Roy AgencyMay 17, 2022

You have great sales, and your customers are happy with your product/service, but they aren’t leaving online reviews. How do you ask them to spread the word about their positive experience? Here we share a few ways to approach this could-be-awkward conversation with confidence to enhance your company’s online reputation.

Fluid conversation

The best way to acquire customer reviews is to directly as for it. Did your customer tell you they love what you have to offer? Ask them to spread the word! Be open and honest about how a simple review will help your business. When your happy customers know how much an online review would mean to you, they are more likely to share their feedback on your digital platforms. 

QR code

To make it as easy as possible, create a QR code where your customers can easily scan it and go directly to a webpage where they can leave their feedback. Doing this extra step to make the process as simple as possible for your clientele increases the likelihood of them sharing their feedback online. 

Social Media

Another technique for gathering customer feedback is asking for reviews on your social media sites. Your followers are already fans of your business, so why not just ask? Many times, supporters don’t realize the importance of leaving a review or simply don’t think about it. Posting on social media about the significance a review holds for your organization encourages your loyal patrons to spend a few minutes sharing their experiences with others.


Many organizations don’t like to give away products or services for free, but we encourage you to consider the return on investment to offer an incentive to those who leave reviews for your organization. Whether a review enters your clients into a giveaway or offers them a discount for a future purchase, incentives are often a great way to receive online reviews.

How do you ask for customer testimonials? What strategy has worked best for your organization? Let us know in the comments below!

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