How to Enhance Human Connection in a Digital World

Frances Roy AgencyNovember 16, 2021

In today’s digital world, we are more connected than ever before, but most of our communication is conducted through texts, emails, and other impersonal forms of communication. How do we ensure that we are creating and nurturing meaningful relationships extending beyond our phone screens? 

Connect rather than consume.

The internet is a great way to communicate with those around us, but we can easily spend more time scrolling through social media than talking to people. Be intentional with the time you spend online! Challenge yourself to connect with your friends on social media through messages and comments, rather than just scrolling and double-tapping. Social media can be a great way to communicate with those near and far but can also be a huge time drain. 

Call someone. 

Pick up the phone and call someone! More than other forms of communication, phone calls allow us to connect deeper with those we can’t communicate with in person. Phone calls allow for spontaneous conversation that simply doesn’t happen when texting or emailing. In our latest episode of the Hello Frances Podcast, we make our case for using the phone. Listen to it if you need convincing.

Put down your phone. 

We believe screen-free time is essential! When your face isn’t staring at a screen, you have the opportunity to spark up a conversation with those around you. So, make a commitment to yourself - for your own well-being - put down your phone and take in the world around you. 

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