Known for being the fastest growing social network, Instagram is the go-to digital platform for all things visual. The newest, beloved feature on this social media site is Instagram Stories. On a platform with more than 400 million active users, Instagram Stories have caught the eyes of many brands, enough for them to invest their time, money and energy into using this feature. Here’s why you should join them.

Engage with your audience. 

Instagram Stories are now the primary way people receive information on Instagram. That means the time is now to add Instagram Stories to your social content strategy. In addition, the platform offers multiple engagement features in their stories and allows businesses to see the insights on each story, including interactions, the number of accounts reached, and navigation actions (tap forward/back or swipe off). On an Instagram Story, there are many different features your can use to attract the attention of your consumers, such as conducting a poll or asking a question. All of these elements prompt immediate feedback from your followers. If your Instagram account has more than 10,000 followers, you are in luck! This enables a swipe up feature that allows followers to click directly to a webpage. In turn, this improves your conversion rate and click-through rate.

Stay top of mind. 

If your audience doesn’t interact with your posts as often as you would like, chances are they missing out on some of your content. Instagram Stories live at the very top of the Instagram feed so they are the first thing users see when they open the app. Instagram Stories are also ‘discoverable’, meaning they can be seen by people that are not following your page. This allows your content to reach farther than any content you post directly in your feed. Instagram Stories maximize content exposure outside of regular posts.

Instagram stories are personal and conversational. 

The best way to communicate via Instagram Stories? We say, keep it casual. An Instagram Story also allows businesses to post information that is clear and transparent with their consumers and opens up a direct line of communication. For example, posting a poll or question on your Story is a quick way to connect with your audience and receive immediate feedback from consumers.

Instagram Stories continue to revolutionize the way businesses market on social media. So remember, keep your company relevant and stay at the forefront of consumers’ minds by implementing Instagram Stories into your digital strategy.