Meet the Guest 

Frances Roy summer intern Meredith Freeman joins Shantelle on this week’s episode of the Hello Frances Podcast to discuss her experience in finding and landing an internship in her field of study. Meredith is a Niceville native and is currently a student at Florida State University pursuing a degree in public relations.

Cliff Notes 

Shantelle and Meredith share the story of Meredith reaching out to the FRA team, her interview process, and the one thing Meredith did that swayed Shantelle to hire her. Meredith shares the expectations that come along with finding an internship in college and the outlook she took to secure one this summer. In return, Shantelle shares the benefits the Frances Roy team has experienced by having an intern program.

More in this Episode 

We share the type of projects our interns work on, the importance of networking to reach your goals, what Meredith’s plans are post-internship, and more. To learn more about Meredith’s insight on securing an internship, listen to the full podcast episode, and read the blog she wrote here. If you enjoy the Hello Frances Podcast, we’d love it if you left us a rating or review. Thanks for listening!