With billions of users worldwide, it’s now rare to find individuals, not on Facebook. With its growing popularity, the same goes for businesses as well. So many local businesses use this free platform to communicate with their audience and build community online. 

Here are a few organizations in our community that successfully utilize this communication platform. 

J.Leon Gallery + Studio 

J.Leon uses an array of Facebook features to optimize their reach and communication impact with their online audience. For example, they have used Facebook Live to showcase live paintings, Facebook Groups to build a community and engage with their studio students, and Facebook Events to inform their followers about the happenings around the gallery. 

Boys and Girls Club of the Emerald Coast 

BGCEC utilizes its Facebook pages to communicate with a variety of audiences including parents of potential club members, donors, community members, and more. They also use the platform as a supplemental way to communicate with the parents of the children they serve. 


SimpleHR shares the perfect mix of business and personal updates. They share company updates, but their followers are also able to get to know their employees through their account. As a staple in our community, they pride themselves on exceptional, personalized service and can expand on these values through their Facebook communications. Also, they share free weekly human resources tips with their followers to help their clients and community succeed.  

Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation 

As an established brand, the Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation uses its platform not so much to grow its audience but to consistently communicate with and build relationships with its patrons. They inform their followers of events, ask for their input, and share how their supporters can help the organization to advance its service in our community.  


Truepost is a testament that you don’t need to have everything figured out you just have to start. They started their business with a few products, a Facebook page, and an Etsy shop and have expanded to include a website and many additional items in their online store. From the beginning, they utilized the free social media tool to share their creations and find like-minded individuals to join their community. 

Fort Walton Beach Medical Center 

Fort Walton Beach Medical Center uses Facebook to consistently engage in conversation with its followers. Their account is filled with center updates, events, employee highlights, and relevant holidays such as Respiratory Week and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They are a resource page for many when it comes to COVID guidelines and updates as well. 

Walton County Sheriff’s Office 

WCSO uses Facebook to communicate with its constituents in an informative way. They respond timely to comments and questions on their page and have developed a brand personality that is prevalent throughout all of their communication. While they often have to use their platform to communicate less-than-positive news, they make sure they share happy updates as well including a peek at some of their officers’ personal lives. 

Destin Charity Wine Auction Foundation 

DCWAF not only uses their platform to share updates about the organization and its efforts, but they also share relevant content created by other sources. Not only does this give them post ideas to share, but it helps them garner relationships with those who created the content that they share on their page.