Mentoring with Shawn Tomasello

Frances Roy AgencyJuly 27, 2020

Episode Summary

Meet the Guest

Shantelle’s mentor Shawn Tomasello joins us on the Hello Frances podcast this week to discuss the importance of finding a mentor. Shawn has 37 years of experience in the life sciences sector and serves on multiple public boards in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Shantelle has considered Shawn her mentor for the past 18 months, and in this episode, they discuss what their mutually beneficial relationship has meant to each of them.

Cliff Notes

Shawn explains the importance of always having a mentor and stresses that a mentor’s role should shift as you grow in your career. The best way to find a mentor? Shawn says to define your goals and look for someone that can help you reach them. A mentor should be someone whose behavior you’d like to emulate. One of the biggest takeaways Shawn explains is the difference between mentorship and sponsorship and that the best mentor relationships evolve into sponsorship.

More in this Episode 

Shawn also shares about her family’s new venture in Destin - J. Leon Gallery + Studio. She explains her daily routine, how she has been staying positive in times of uncertainty, and what she is currently reading, watching, and listening to. Shawn is full of wisdom, and trust us, this is an episode you don’t want to miss. Listen now on Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Play.


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