Meta Business Suite’s New Features

Frances Roy AgencyMarch 8, 2022

Meta Business Suite is a free tool where you can manage all your business’ Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram activity in one place. You can respond to messages, create and schedule posts, stories, and ads, and analyze insights. Here are a few of the latest features that are rolling out for Meta Business Suite.


As the name suggests, these are upcoming moments in time that could be important to your social media strategy. These moments are a variety of holidays, including national and international observances. Moments can be seen in the planner mode, both on the right-hand side and at the top of the weekly or monthly view for their designated days. These are a great asset to social media marketers because sharing something a post about holidays such as National Pizza Day can be both light-hearted and also connect to your business’s mission and vision (especially if you sell delicious pizza)!


You can also set goals for your business’ Facebook on Instagram and track your progress of achieving these goals. Right now, you have the option to select whether your goal will be to increase reach or grow followers for either Facebook, Instagram, or both. After selecting your goal type, you can decide the amount of reach/new followers you would want to achieve as well as the timeline for the goal. Creating goals for your organization’s social media marketing is a great way to gauge your success as you are working towards the goal. Tracking this allows you to make changes for your content along the way instead of looking at insights at the end of your set timeline.


With the new insights feature you can toggle between an overview, results, content, and audience dashboard that gives you key data for each category on Facebook and Instagram. You can also easily adjust the timetable for your insights at the top right corner, whether you want a custom timetable or just want last month’s insights. On the content dashboard, you can choose what content types to filter the data from, and choose to look at just Facebook and Instagram stories. Users can see likes/reactions and sticker taps data for Facebook stories. Unfortunately, you cannot see any data for Instagram stories at this time, but we can’t wait to see those insights when they become available!

What features are you most excited to implement as part of your social media strategy for your business? Let us know in the comments!

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