Meet the Guests 

FRA team members Hillaree Durso, Janae Erickson, Kelsey Doar, Jodie Warner, and Rinn Garlanger chat about their generation on this week’s episode – the Millennials. Defined as those born between 1980-1994, this generation is known for being tech-savvy, family-oriented, and team-oriented in the workplace. 

Cliff Notes

Our millennial crew shares both positive and negative common stereotypes about their age group, including some they agree with and some they would argue. They discuss how to best appeal to their generation with marketing strategies, and their viewpoint on their positions in the workplace. Lastly, they share the biggest technological advancements of their time, life-changing world events they’ve experienced, and more. 

More in this Episode 

We think you’ll enjoy the similarities and differences we’ve uncovered in our generation podcast series so far between Generation Z and Millennials. We will have Generation X guests take the microphone next week, so tune in to learn how to best market to, connect with, and communicate with this often forgotten era.