Meet The Guest

Today, our podcast host Shantelle is joined by a few Frances Roy employees – Content Director Hillaree Durso, Art Director Janae Erickson, and Copywriter Gregory Dedicke – to discuss how each team member deals with naysayers.

Cliff Notes

We are sure you are no stranger to naysayers. As creators, we often deal with people criticizing our design, writing, business ideas, and more. On this episode, we discuss the distinction between naysayers and those that give constructive criticism. Our team also gives insight on how they handle feedback, what they would say to a naysayer and advice for those dealing with people who don’t support their ideas.

More in This Episode 

Our team members shared multiple nuggets of knowledge throughout this conversation. A few of our favorite takeaways include:

“Naysayers share pure negativity, constructive criticism guides.” – Shantelle

“If you are up all of the time, you can’t appreciate the ups.” – Janae

“Your self-worth is not negotiable and cannot be validated from others.” – HIllaree

“Keep doing what you believe in because that action alone is going to speak a lot louder than negative comments ever will.” – Greg

If you’re intrigued, give this episode a listen and join us in the conversation. We want to know… What motivates you? How do you self-validate? What keeps you going when you receive feedback from naysayers? Let us know by leaving us a comment on our Facebook or Instagram. As always, thanks for listening. We will be back in your headphones next week!