Culture is Everything – “Never Settle for Less than Your Best” Part 6

Frances RoyOctober 23, 2019

Episode Summary

Meet Our Guest

Heather Ruiz, Senior Director of Marketing and Leasing at the Destin Commons, joins Shantelle this week for a candid talk about never settling for less than your best. As a working mom, a passionate volunteer and an avid athlete, Heather shares her outlook on this Frances Roy guiding principle and how she applies it to her own life.

Cliff Notes

Our core value of “Never Settle for Less than Your Best” is easier said than done. Shantelle and Heather discuss what this statement means to each of them, and how they ensure that they are constantly giving their best without reaching the point of burnout. Heather shares how she incorporates this guiding principle in all aspects of her life including at work, in the gym and at home. Don’t feel like you are successful at consistently giving your best? This week’s guest says to give yourself some grace and try your hardest moving forward because “it’s not always about the end result, it’s about how you got there”. We loved these words of wisdom from Heather! Be sure to listen to the episode for more insight on never settling for less than your best.

More in This Episode 

Have you ever wanted to know what a typical day looks like for someone successfully juggling work, physical fitness, philanthropy, parenting, and so much more? Heather is spilling the beans on what one of her productive days looks like. Listen to the episode to hear how her daily schedule helps her progress in all aspects of life. Like what you hear? Subscribe and leave us a rating and review. As always, thanks for dropping in. We’ll be back with more for you next week!


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