Product-based companies that are not utilizing Pinterest for business are completely missing out on potential customers. On the blog today, we are sharing five reasons why businesses should have a consistent presence on this social media network. We are sure these stunning Pinterest facts will convince product-based businesses to use their resources and energy toward this platform.

Ninety percent of weekly Pinterest users utilize the platform to make purchasing decisions.

Plain and simple, people are coming to this platform to look for products that they intend to buy. More than any other social media network, Pinterest users are using the content they are consuming to inspire and motivate them into taking that next step. In addition to the massive number of people using Pinterest to make purchasing decisions, more than half of Pinterest users log on to the platform with the intention of purchasing a product. If businesses are providing their Pinterest audience with consistent pins containing relevant information, they will have success with this platform because it is proven that users buy items they find on this social media outlet.

Pinterest is still growing.

Many people believe that Pinterest has already hit its prime and that it is not utilized by consumers as much as it once was, but studies show that the amount of monthly users continues to increase year after year. While Pinterest is still heavily dominated by female users, 50 percent of sign-ups in 2018 were men. Even more, Pinterest ad sales are inspected to increase 40 percent in 2019 because companies are realizing the potential for sales and the results that this outlet creates.

Nearly 80 percent of users say content from brands is useful.

Unlike on other social media platforms, Pinterest users want their feeds to be filled with content from brands. Pinterest users do not visit the platform to see photos and posts from their friends and family like they do on many other social media sites. Branded content is warmly welcomed and is found to be useful by the vast majority of Pinterest users.

More than half of all women Pinterest users have discovered new brands on the platform.

Don’t think you have a large enough audience to devote your resources to Pinterest? The good news is that your audience will probably grow from dedicating time and energy to this platform. Pinterest users utilize this social media site as a search engine to discover products. If your business’ product shows up as a search result, you have just earned new potential customers. Engaging on this platform will result in a broader audience of people that are specifically looking for what you have to offer.

Pinterest drives more website traffic than Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

This stat is huge! If your products are available for purchase on your website, it’s a no brainer that you want people to click on it. With a higher click through rate than other popular social media networks, this stat alone proves that time spent pinning is time well spent!

Do you use Pinterest in your business? How have the results been for you? Let us know in the comments!

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