Meet Our Guest 

Lori Leath Smith, publisher of Bay Life, Destin Life and SoWal Life, joins us on this week’s episode of the Hello Frances podcast to share her insight on publishing your passion. Lori started her career as a writer and editor for Southern Living. After this life-changing experience, she began her own media company, which she ran from her home for 19 years so she could be home as her children grew up. After that, Lori moved to Florida where she has held multiple positions in our community before pursuing her passion as a publisher.

Cliff Notes 

Lori gives advice for individuals just starting out in their career and explains how they can set themselves apart from others in the same position. Shantelle and Lori both agree that passion and desire to work for a certain brand or company are crucial from potential new hires. They also discuss switching gears in your career if you discover that something you once enjoyed is not truly what you are passionate about.

More in this Episode

Far too many people go through life without doing work that they enjoy day in and day out. Lori reveals how marrying her skills and her passions has given her a career path that she loves.  Listen to the full episode for more. The Hello Frances podcast releases a new episode every Monday on Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Play. If you enjoy the show, please subscribe, rate, and review. We’ll chat with you again next week!