Now more than ever, it’s essential that brands constantly communicate with customers and other stakeholders. Brands are updating their followers on a minute-to-minute basis through the advent and adoption of social media. PR pros are always working in the background of product launches and events to ensure their client gets share of voice in the cluttered media space. Companies large and small have hired employees dedicated to analyzing customer reviews and responding personally to help foster stronger relationships and build loyalty.

So what does this mean for a small business that can’t afford to hire a full-fledge PR team? We have a few ideas that will make your public relations efforts shine and will prove, once and for all, that PR is essential if you want to increase your bottom line and create stronger relationships with your stakeholders.

  • Make the purchase experience personal. Of course, this can be done in several ways. Some of the best we’ve seen, however, is to send personalized, written notes to your customers. These notes can be included in the product package or this can even be a shout out on social media. An example of this can be seen below from whole-food snack bar company EPIC Bar. A customer received a bad-tasting bar in one of her previous orders and she reached out to customer service to let the company know. Then they followed up in a — dare we say it — epic way. And she was willing to openly endorse the company on her social platform for the makegood.

  • Send surprise and delight packages to reporters or writers you’re hoping to gain coverage from. These packages can include the product or experience you’re launching, a media kit about your company with some extra goodies included, and more. These don’t have to be limited to your media contacts, though. If you decide to create more, send them to unexpecting customers.
  • Have a customer appreciation party! Showcase your gratitude by renting out a public venue (could range from family-friendly to more formal, based on your demographic) and throw a party for your most valued customers. Make sure you stage plenty of photo opportunities so customers will be more inclined to share and engage with you on their social platforms.

We truly believe that if completed in a strategic and thoughtful way, your public relations efforts can garner positive attention and engagement. Designate a team member to deploy the tactics we’ve included in this post, or ask your entire team for ideas about how they feel the company can build stronger customer relationships. Brainstorm and implement 2-3 ideas throughout the year and monitor their success.

Of course, the Frances Roy team would love to help you brainstorm or execute any of your strategies throughout the process!