8 Ways to Utilize Snapchat to Promote Your Brand

Frances RoyFebruary 19, 2018

If your target  demographic falls between ages 18-34, we strongly recommend adding Snapchat to your marketing mix. Snapchat brings a level of authenticity to your brand that other social media outlets simply aren’t able to. Snapchat stories are an essential tool in building a community within your customer base and increasing your audience  through exciting content. Starbucks, McDonalds, Amazon and Urban Outfitters all utilize  Snapchat to engage with customers and to promote their brand. Check out our easy-to-implement tips below to reach your target demographic!  



1) Use SnapAds

Before you’ve launched a platform of your own, we recommend investing  in SnapAds. These are 10-second videos appearing between stories, offering users an opportunity to swipe up for more in-depth content such as a website, videos, articles, or an app. Snapchat claims that their swipe up rate is 5 times higher than the traditional click through rates on other social media platforms. Spotify used SnapAds to promote its  “Year in Music” campaign and earned 26 million total views as well as a 30 percent  increase on subscriber content.


2) Use Geofilters

Geofilters are a highly effective tactic  in promoting your brand. If you are hosting an event or want to promote another location-specific aspect of your brand, it is useful to purchase a GeoFilter that Snapchatters can use in their personal stories which advertises your brand on individual accounts. If what you wish to promote is not event specific, you can create a GeoFilter based on a “national day of___” that correlates with what you wish to promote. For example, our client Cafe Rico might be interested in creating a Geofilter to align with National Food Truck Day (which is June 24 - who knew?).


3) Give an authentic glimpse into your business through live events

Broadcasting live events, promotions, or special deals is a great way to interact with your customers on a personal level. Live events offer the customer to experience the event as if they were there themselves. From the NBA to LipKits, many businesses utilize Snapchatting live events to generate  a fanbase that feels connected to the brand.


4) Give Snapchatters sneak peaks

From launching a product on Snapchat to announcing events, giving Snapchatters a feeling of exclusivity is important for the personal customer experience Snapchat provides. It also encourages others to join Snapchat for the extra deals and insider content. A great example of these sneak peaks are when fashion brands such as Michael Kors and Rebecca Minkoff debut new pieces on Snapchat before they hit the runway.



5) Offer contests and promotions

Admit it - you love a great social media contest! By posting a snap of a giveaway or by offering a promotion on Snapchat, you can engage your customers in a new and exciting  way. You can also encourage Snapchatters to post a picture on their story of their favorite product in a chance to win a free prize, thus engaging your customer in products while simultaneously advertising your brand.


6) Demo your product

Showing your product before it is released is an excellent way to advertise new releases. Amazon used Alexa on Snapchat to show the clarity of the echo. It confused, and thus intrigued customers, and Amazon received  6,100 mentions in just 4 hours. Kylie Jenner Cosmetics demonstrates new lip kits and eyeshadow palettes before they are released to both show the quality of the product and hype up the fan base for the release. Demoing products on Snapchat before their release is a clever way to show new products and increase your customer base.


7) Take them behind the scenes

People love to feel connected to their favorite brands. Even though the goal of a business is to sell products or services, it is extremely useful to create a sense of community within your customer base. Brands like LUSH and Glossier, which target Millenials and Gen Z, have created a community of customers who are dedicated to their products. One of the best ways companies do this is by providing behind-the-scenes content on their social media platforms. Snapchat is the best social media outlet to do this. Posting company events, special looks at how products are created, or merely what everyday life is like for your brand is a wonderful way to make customers feel more connected.


8) Partner with influencers

Partnering with influencers and thought leaders in your business space  is essential to promoting your brand through Snapchat. People love to follow influencers on Snapchat to get tips on products they use and love. Influencers provide “insider access” on their Snapchat stories and partnering to promote a product/brand is a great way to engage more customers. Influencers are also skilled in Snapchat and in reaching their generational demographic, so they will provide excellent content for your brand.



Snapchat is an amazing tool to engage your customers in a deeper, more personal way. The strongest accounts  are built through telling stories, so tell a great story with the content you post. Make customers feel intrigued and excited  about your content by following the steps we’ve outlined, and you are bound to see an increased interest and engagement!

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