Greg Dedicke joined the FRA Team to focus on start ups and entrepreneurial initiatives. He is working on his degree and has extensive experience in recreation and retail. He recently launched his own startup, American Renegades, and he often works with people who are interested in launching a new company or concept.

Greg says, “I gain inspiration for startups by simply analyzing the startup’s core message/vision and developing it from there. Inspiration also comes from others, and sharing ideas with other people often tends to be a vital step in the process.”

“American Renegades has been my favorite campaign thus far. I may be a little biased because my friend Caleb and I spearheaded this project,” he said. We have to agree that this company is a unique approach as a lifestyle apparel brand highlighting the Survivalist. The story of the company is one of “a shared passion of the outdoors, old and rusty cars, stockpiling supplies, survival gear, and firearms” between two friends.

When you think your launch may not be successful or your idea won’t resonate, Greg says to, “Never give up. However, also realize that research is key. You can never spend too much time on research.”

Thanks for sharing a small portion of your FRA story, Greg!